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September 12, 2010

In this silence I believe

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It’s hard to talk about life lately, as it’s so surreal and I’m half-afraid if I put it into words I’ll jinx it. May take exceeding discipline to handle everything right.

You stop my breath against the leather strips of your flogger. What are you smelling?
I give half a dozen answers. That’s much more eloquent than the answer I was looking for.
What were you looking for?
You’re smelling /my leather…

That’s eloquent as well. More so. Like black, allspice, and chocolate; it evokes something rich as gingerbread cookies; with the bite of spice and warmth of a family kitchen.

Listening to Miro and Metric in your lap, déjà vu comes forward out of the long-ago. I’m as comfortable in your hands as in my own, & as pleased or more. The hours turn from blue to black. I ask you politely to give me space, bind my athame to my heart.

Words are flowing out like endless rain, sings Fiona Apple. The heart of the world tree is cut deeper into my chest. Getting up I pour black peach tea and re-join you naturally, it is a repeated refrain; I love this like a song, or fine chocolate: with genuine desire, desirous of more.


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  1. anybody knows you can conjure
    anything by the dark of the moon


    Comment by Fistandantilus — September 13, 2010 @ 4:14 pm

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