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October 12, 2010

Note to a younger self

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Note to self: at 24 you will write drunken haiku and careful resumes to your heroes, and it will all be okay. You will go into the underground and find your heart’s desires; you will live with a handsome lover, who is also your big brother; and a charming Russian Blue kitten. You will take weekends in Sonoma with the beautiful pagan couple who first tied you in ribbon so many years ago. You will have a house from which you can fly freely, to which you can always return into love.

You will intern for your favourite pornstar & dine on a castle’s Upper Floor. You will work in Silicon Valley, ill-paid but surviving. You will have a little blue Honda and a laptop & two corsets. You will dance a lot. Once you will give away Massive Attack tickets (forgive me, littler one), as you have already seen them four times, and you hope to try something tricky/cool on videotape that night.

Little one, crying in high school bathrooms, cutting yourself and thinking about suicide, sobbing for family and understanding: you’ll make it.


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  1. …and many others will be overjoyed that you did.

    Comment by Fistandantilus — October 19, 2010 @ 7:41 am

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