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October 20, 2010

The apple in a whole roast pig’s mouth: finit

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Chest beaten with a ribbon-wrapped date switch, I twist and turn.
Stay still. I want you to channel all that pain into sound. I want you to let me hear it.

With all due respect, brother, I do not like this method of processing pain.
How would you rather do it?
Please let me process pain by moving.
I am inclined to dance, to twist and bend along soundwaves and circumstance. I am not inclined to voice my reactions; I pride myself on silence, and I’d rather you not alter me to be a thing I dislike. But I serve you and call out the pain…

I’m a one-girl storm cresting and falling. Rain falls in the grey, electricity spits orange across the mesh on my thighs, & vibration rolls across my mons.

Where is your attention?
On you, brother.
Then you can come.

Set free, kissing you, warming my stomach with slices of home-made olive bread.


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  1. Breakfast was delicious, sister.

    Comment by Fistandantilus — October 20, 2010 @ 1:33 pm

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