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January 11, 2011


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My brother and I are offered a feature scene at The Upper Floor. We come hopeful and excited for a practiced finale – suspension with flaming rope. His suspension is faultless, but the fire he’d lit in practice doesn’t light now; it flickers and falters, and the alcohol rag catches fire on live webcast.

Amidst alarm there’s nothing I can do; able bodies smother the fire. I stay serene, closed-eyed, hung before the fireplace. I can guess at the disappointment my lover must feel, failing at the crux of a performance. I hurt for him, proud and talented as he is; and for us.

He takes me down. In this rich room where we’ve celebrated and laughed and he’s beaten me terribly, we’re humiliated. Come, and we’re an island of 2; his hand begging pleasure between my thighs. I’m too sad and embarassed to come. Come. I can’t. I feel that he needs this to restore himself to himself, his pride, our strength together. We’re a world of two. I come.

Five days later, we get it right: The Fire Lotus.

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