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July 24, 2011

Roots in the ground, knife at my thigh

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My love with sun-brown hands plants trees to bear fruit in the coming years. My land will have pears and honey, apple and pomegranates and white roses. How long until we have apples? I ask. There will be a few next year. Taking pocket-knife from my daisy dukes, he cuts the roots and branches of a pear tree into my thigh. Each bud is pressed in with the knife-tip and I cry out thinking this is right; growth is painful.

His eyes are blue and grey like steel; they are turned on me with intent, intelligent predation.
Masturbate. And when my own green eyes deflect,
Look at me.

I look. I carry a sort of dark arrow, which I cannot placate and which turns towards desire like a compass flame, anarchic and disregarding of human bonds and laws. It turns with such great and naked want towards him that I am shamed, and its fire is stoked by this shame.

Get the shaft wet. And when he comes he says perfect; perfect.
That was perfect.


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  1. Apples grow fairly quickly. Pears take a long time to grow more than a token amount of fruit, though. “Plant pears for heirs,” the old saying goes.

    Comment by Andrew Conway — July 24, 2011 @ 4:39 pm

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