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November 11, 2012

Elementary Mechanics

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I am learning to use the mill; it is satisfyingly kinaesthetic. We have an old, heavy model which was built for men larger than I. Moving about it, pulling levers, is like a dance. Simple cues move it and direct its power as if it were a strong and very adept follower. With machines, it is easy. You move, slowly then more surely, and learn how your motions correspond to its response. You learn how to understand it by sound, by gauging its resistance, by watching it and knowing the trajectory of its familiar actions.

I like machines. They can be broken down into components; you can get a sense of their rules so that to control them is like moving your own body. They become an extension of self – but to create what you want with them requires that you make certain motions to cue and direct them. It is almost an exchange of power.

I like power exchange. Certain manifestations of D/s make the kinetics of interaction almost mechanical. The dominant a machinist, using voice and hands and rules just so to control the submissive. The machine is (one hopes) oiled and well-maintained, given aftercare and care. And the submissive a machine, turning now, sitting now, opening their mouth now. There is something a little bleak in this perspective, as it erases the beautiful human interactions that power D/s, but there is something also beautiful in this stark dynamic. One becomes a machine, one studies and operates that machine. It is not as simple as this, but in dynamic it can be reduced to this simplicity.

I have an aesthetic appreciation of machines, so perhaps it makes sense that at times I appreciate becoming one.


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