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April 3, 2014


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Athena asked me moons ago whether there was a theme to my fetishes.* With some highway miles of deliberation I realized the commonality is focus. I generally am a handful of places at once; studying the light, your voice, hedonics, dynamics. Perhaps the high alert habit of a girl from a semi-broken home; perhaps it’s typical to be scattered. Though, I’m so much better when I’m focused.

I like how suspension forces perception to that of force and binds and air. How latex focuses form to monochromatic curves. How D/s focuses attention to another’s line of command, or their vulnerability.

Some things in kink are just fun. Some are transformative, connective, so on. I like practically any given action, in the right context. The moment and the other/s are what matter. But the common thread of what fetishes I like most? If pressed to find one, that thing is focus.

*Fetish as slang, not psychological definition. Athena as lady, not deity.

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