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November 27, 2013


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My forefathers were named for light; likely makers of candles in Eastern Europe.

When someone who has lived in your home passes away, they leave an absence of illumination. My father threw geometries of light on the stairwell at breakfast-time, from kitchen lights: a simple thing until it wasn’t any more. That shape where light ought to have been is burned behind my eyelids. It was what meant he was gone.

This 1st night of Chanukah, I wondered why light the menorah in an empty house. But some patterns of illumination are meant to prevail longer than any of us, and be cast in any circumstances. All men must die, but in tradition we join the infinite.


December 14, 2010

Hanky Code

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An artifact: one handkerchief printed with chili peppers, tucked in brother’s back pocket to flag Capsaicin (giving).

December 13, 2010


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An artifact: piss-and-champagne foam along the walls of an empty glass. It left a taste so bitter I cleaned my mouth with cloves, and asked for a hug.

December 7, 2010

Thin Line II

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An artifact: one chicken korma skewer, which I served your wife as you beat her & she squirmed beautifully on the cross.

October 14, 2010

Pear brandy

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Two aperitif glasses, once filled with blood & Haiku, are now used over & over in a ritual the length of one bottle. It takes ten days. At the end are slices of brandy-drenched pear, with vanilla ice cream to cut the alcohol sting.

We nudge the kitten (Maize) away from it, laughing; I’m sitting on the counter in a polka-dot dress, legs wrapped around you.
Maize is pushed away again when she noses about my thighs, curious what your fingers are doing inside of me; she curls on my chest as waves of pleasure come. The kitten is undeterred by orgasm. We’re probably pretty animal at that moment, so it’s okay.

You’re so attuned to my blood, hand pulling continuous waves from me like you’re spinning an infinite thread from the rough chaos I carry within, and taking it into yourself. Like a god, kneeling over me, built strongly; working magicks with my come and your hands and the power of being able to grant pleasure.

Worship my cock, you say.

August 17, 2010

How do you want others to see you?

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Smoking cloves with a boy on a sea-cliff. An artifact: two points of orange fire in the night. I want to be beyond reproach. I want to be a golden god, so beautiful it makes others weep.

August 12, 2010


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Once a girl wrote SLUT across my chest in orange marker.

One morning, orange marker smudges on your sheets: WHORE.
Thanks for getting revenge for me, big brother!

August 5, 2010


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Orange dreamsicle shake w/ whipped cream & 3 straws. So iconic! If I ever write Dining with Couples, Sleeping with Couples, and Aftermath with Couples (an Ethical Slut for girls ‘n boys like me), this shall grace its cover.

August 3, 2010

Recorded audio

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What’s your name?
-Lilac Wine.
Is that your real name?
-Is this the real world?

Followed by screams, gagging, pleading, gratitude, and tears.

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