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August 9, 2013

Three keys to the city

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Navigating the highways towards San Francisco. My heart-beat hastens as I draw along the road, running along isofrequencies then suddenly beginning to cross them at a great rate as the white city comes into view. I think improbably that if Eden is defined by nakedness without shame then San Francisco has similarity to Eden. I imagine a map laid out in isofrequencies, lines of constant heart-rate like a sort of topo-map. The centers, the great peaks, are those spaces where magic has been made of the interconnects. It would be a particularly honest sort of geography.
Here is the first key; fear no data.

While data may be bits of truth, the trick is in the interpretation. A read of the news will tell you that. In representing a city and illuminating what is critical within it, it is important to note that one (paradoxically) cannot live on heartbeat alone. It is not enough to look at a map and go there; how you take these trips across the iso-lines matters. How you understand and communicate them is essential to the sorts of interconnects you make. But even a reckless trip may become meaningful upon reflection. Narrative is magic.

The space within the greatest iso-frequencies may be very perilous, doubly for a young woman who can easily and for arguably admirable reasons submit into her surroundings. If the apex is oblivion, to be unable to return is annihilation. There must be a road back – or onwards – down the mountain. There may eventually be a framework of morning alarms, of bread and butter and strawberries, of cars and maps and schedules which acts to guide one down the mountain. There may be also framework to guide one back up. With a strong framework comes a well-bounded space of liberty, rife with options; logistics for the sake of anarchy.

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